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Baby playing in the water at Baby Beach in Lahaina, Maui.

On August 8, 2023, wildfires devastated the West side of Maui. While Lahaina remains closed, the rest of the island welcomes visitors. This page has been updated accordingly. Please check our Maui Fire Update page for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: Baby Beach, Lahaina, was directly impacted by the Maui wildfires and is no longer accessible to the public. I have chosen to keep this post active in hopes that one of our favorite places will return one day. I will update this post accordingly.

Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui, cheat sheet

A few beaches on Maui are perfect for toddlers and young kids. We’ve tried them all, and our favorite is Pu’unoa Beach in Lahaina, better known as “Baby Beach.”

(Not to be confused with Baby Beach in Paia, Maui, another great option if you have littles in tow. However, Paia has more waves in comparison and can get pretty windy in the afternoon.)

Mom with her kid on her shoulders at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui.

Why We Love Baby Beach, Lahaina

Baby Beach is centrally located and walkable from Lahaina town. And yet, you will not encounter many tourists here. While there are more picturesque beaches on Maui, Baby Beach is beautiful and hard to beat if you have toddlers who like to wander and play on their own terms.

Maui can boast some pretty big swells, and bringing a baby or toddler to a beach with big waves can be stressful, defeating the whole purpose of a day spent by the sea.

The exposed off-shore reef break at Baby Beach provides a barrier from the waves. It remains shallow for dozens of yards, allowing toddlers to run and play without constraint. This also means that the sun warms the water quickly, making me a happy mama who is more likely to splash around and play with them. Happy mama, happy kids. Happy vacay.

How to get to Baby Beach, Lahaina

If you type Baby Beach into Google Maps, it will take you to the north entrance, a small dirt parking lot.

Parking lot at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui

This is a convenient place to park and set up, but there’s a lot of underwater coral and rocks on the north end of the beach. While it is possible to see through the clear water, it’s also possible for kids to scrape their legs and feet if they’re not paying attention.

Less coral is found on the south end, giving me more peace of mind and making it easier for kids to swim and splash about. The entrance to this side of the beach is in the middle of a residential neighborhood. A small pathway is located at the intersection of Front Street and Kai Pali.

Pathway to Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui
Mom and Baby smiling on pathway at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui.

Close parking is possible but can be tricky on a busy day. I recommend dropping your pesky baby gear off at the pathway while someone else parks. This typically gives me enough time to lug our stuff down the small path (rent a wagon!) and start setting up before my kids ask for their 100th snack of the day

Family playing at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui.

Things to Do at Baby Beach, Lahaina


This is my favorite place to bring an inner tube, laze on the water, and soak up the sunshine. Our boys could spend all day playing in a simple Costco float.


While there are far better options for snorkeling on Maui, the water at Baby Beach Lahaina is clear and free from big waves, making it an excellent place for kids to practice wearing a mask and putting their faces in the water. In addition, there are some colorful fish to see, and sometimes a Hawaiian Sea Turtle will come to say hello.

Snorkel gear rentals are affordable, and many offer kid sizes. If you’re interested in this, I would rent gear at the beginning of your stay and keep it in the car for wherever your adventures take you.


This is a great beginner spot for Stand Up Paddleboarding on Maui! Just steer clear of the reef. There are many places to rent boards around the island.


Remember that you are on vacation! Permission to chill, mama! Lay around, build sand castles with your kids, and admire the view. You will see many boats in the distance, along with the islands of Molokai and Lanai.

Dad rinsing off his kid's feet in Maui, Hawaii.

Tips for Baby Beach, Lahaina

Touching or standing on the reef kills marine life and can easily scrape the bottom of your feet. Please pay attention to your surroundings and encourage your kids to do the same.

The current here is usually mellow, but if you’re floating along and not paying attention, you could find yourself in a hairy situation.

There are no showers at Baby Beach, Lahaina. This may not sound like a big deal, but it can feel that way when dealing with a sandy sugar cookie baby bum. Consider keeping a gallon of water and a stack of towels in your car. It’s far easier to rinse them off and apply a fresh diaper from the trunk of your rental car than it is at the beach.

Mom pulling a wagon at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui.

What Should I Bring With Me to Baby Beach, Lahaina?

Baby Beach tends to be hot and without much shade, so plan accordingly. The following list is what we bring with us:

Must Haves:

•Plenty of water


•Reef-safe sunscreen/UV protectant shirts

•Sun hat

•Big blanket to lie on

•Beach toys

•Pareo (sarong)/Towels


•Wagon to transport stuff

•Shade tent

•Beach chairs

•Floats and/or bodyboard

•Snorkel gear

•Speaker for music

Places to Eat Near Baby Beach, Lahaina

One of the best things about Baby Beach is that it’s located in the heart of Lahaina town, so there are a ton of great options when it comes to food. Here are some kid-friendly spots that we love:

Star Noodle: A well-known Maui restaurant just down the street with freshly pulled noodles and oceanfront seating. They book up fast. If you forgot to make a reservation, grab it to go for a sunset picnic!

Waikiki Brewing: A fun local brewery within walking distance that serves up generous food and award-winning craft beer.

Choice Health Bar: An excellent plant-based eatery that works with dozens of local farms on the island. We could eat their acai bowls every day!

Cool Cat Cafe: Parents of picky eaters, rejoice! Casual dining, great burgers, and “adult milkshakes.” Everyone wins.

Paia Fish Market: One of three locations on the island, this is a great spot to enjoy fresh fish on Maui with casual seating and a keiki (kids) menu.

Check out The Best Family-Friendly Restaurants on Maui for more!

A mom floating on an inner tube with her kid.

Where to Stay Near Baby Beach, Lahaina

There are some breathtaking homes located right on Baby Beach, like this gorgeous four-bedroom with a pool. There are also many houses for rent in Lahaina. However, most people stay in a resort or condo in Ka’anapali.

Brothers playing with a body board at Baby Beach Lahaina, Maui

Happy Kids Make Happy Parents

I have never left Baby Beach without a smile on my face. Despite the possibility of delayed parking and the shortage of bathrooms and showers, this experience is always worth it!

What Baby Beach lacks in adult convenience, it makes up by giving your kids an outdoor aquatic playground. Not having to hover over them or wonder if they’re going to be knocked out by a wave allows everyone in the family to relax and enjoy themselves.

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